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Create and edit objects quickly#

With docupike you can create and edit objects to update the information. This is possible through the lists of your documented content and you do not have to access every object one by one.


If you want to change anything, it has to exist in the first place. You can manually create any object in any amount you need. Alternatively, you can also use objects that are created via an import method.

If you want to edit any content in your finder list, you have to make sure the attribute is available via the corresponding column. The shown attributes can be modified via the “column”-configuration at the top of the list. As soon as all needed attributes are available, you can start the editing process.

Getting started by changing the lifecycle stage#

For our case, we want to change the lifecycle stage of a couple of client devices which have recently been delivered and will be handed out to our staff. These devices are currently documented as “delivered”. You can now click on the “lifecycle stage” on all new client devices and hold “CTRL” on your keyboard. This will select all these objects for editing when using the three dots next to the field and pick “edit”. Now, you can pick for example “in operation” and confirm this change via the check mark. This will change the lifecycle stage for all selected devices at once. After that, you can assign the user to every device as well via the finder list. Perform a double click on the field next to your desired device or use the three dots icon again and pick “edit”. This will enable you to pick the user for this client and create an assignment.

You can also use this function to change the lifecycle stage and remove the user assignment from your old devices, to show that these are no longer in use.

What’s next?#

There is no limit to quickly editing content via the finder lists. You can adjust anything you need without having to access your objects in detail. Any time you want to change repeating attributes one by one or the same attribute for multiple objects at the same time, you can use this method to reach your goal with ease.