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Menu bar

The menu bar enables quick navigation through various functions.

If you are working with docupike and you want to get back to the docupike main page, you can click on the logo to reach it.


Clicking on the inventory button, you can see 3 options.

The finder lets you select from your collections, that display all objects, that you defined in your collection. The locations show all documented location objects and objects that are assigned to a location. Network shows all networks and the usage of their IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.


The reports area is where you can create and see all reports.


The history shows you the history of your latest changes. By opening the complete history view, you can filter by type, creator and category.


By pressing on your profile picture, you can open the settings. This is where you can configure everything about the classes and categories but also manage your users and administrate billing and subscription.