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Users, groups and roles#

Users, groups and Roles can be managed in the Settings. Groups and Roles are containers for users and can be used to organize your rights and permissions. Technically spoken, groups and roles work the same way and can also be used in combination.

docupike is shipped with two pre-defined roles: admin and user. While the admin role has all rights and permissions, the user role has no rights at all but all permissions.

Set or change user password#

When you create a new user you are asked for the new users password. If you want to change the password of an existing user, you can do so in the settings > user section of docupike.

At security you can set a new password, linked to that user. This needs to be typed twice for verification purposes.

Passwords in docupike must have at least 8 characters (max. 64), and must contain at least one number and a mix of upper- and lowercase letters. Add special characters for an even stronger password.