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Custom Classes#

Classes in docupike are the basis of your it documentation. docupike is delivered with a number of predefined classes, which should help you to get started quickly with it documentation.

Add Custom Classes#

But we give you the possibility to define your own classes.

Go to Settings > CMDB Configuration > Classes and click on the New Class button.

In the mask that opens, you can now enter a name for the new class and confirm with Save. After that the new class is available and can be used.

Customizing Custom Classes#

Under Settings > CMDB Configuration > Classes > New class name you can make further adjustments to the created class:

Title Here you can change the name of the class

Icon Here you can select another icon for the class

Location Class Here you can change the class to a location class. This way objects of this class type become locations and can be used in the location tree.

Containing categories Here you can further define the class and add categories to this class.