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Custom Categories#

Besides having standard Categories docupike makes it possible to create custom Categories in order to document additional Attributes, which are not included in standard Categories.


To create new custom Categories you need to have the Rights > CMDB > Manage Categories right. To assign custom Categories to Classes you need the Rights > CMDB > Manage Classes right.

How to create a custom Category#

Custom categories are created at Settings > Categories there you need to Click on the New Category Button. You need to fill out a Name for the Category and you need to select a Category Type either Single value or Multi value. Each custom category will have a unique Constant to identify the Category. Custom Categories must be assigned to a Class to be displayed there.

Single or Multi value Categories#

If you wish to use attributes which are unique in their combination, the configuration as Single value category will be sufficient. If you want to use the values multiple times, you will need a Multi value category. This way it is possible to save multiple entries in one category.

Custom Attributes#

To customize your category you can add any number of attributes with the New attribute button. You will need the type in a Name for the attribute field and select a Type for the field.

Available field types are:

Field Type Description
Text The Text field is for entering plain text
Number In the Number field you can insert decimal numbers
Boolean The Boolean field is for selecting yes or no
Password In the Password field is a masked field
Color With the Color field you are able to insert a hex color code or select a color via the color picker by clicking on the palette within the edit mode