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Attribute validation#

A CMDB should link information and make it centrally available to departments and employees. When assets are recorded, a pre-defined level of quality should be achieved and maintained. Ideally, this is documented in a Configuration Management Plan (CMP). This could be a specific naming scheme according to which assets (objects) should be named in the CMDB. But also certain mandatory fields that have to be filled in when a new asset is created.

General validations#

Mark as required. Field cannot be blank.#

Mark the field as required and the field cannot be blank.

Mark as unique. Any value given must be unique for this attribute.#

Mark the field as unique. Any value specified must be unique for this attribute.

Operator validations#

Not all operators are available to all attribute types. Here you can specify Minimum Length and Maximum Length, Later than and Earlier than, From and To, Greater than and Smaller than, Equal to and Not equal to, From and To are available for a set of attributes.

Other validations#

Regular expression#

Regular expressions offer many ways to customize category entries. To check regular expressions in advance, please use your favorite testing tool. Specifically, we use PCRE for PHP, for more information on pattern syntax, see the manual page here. For example, to test syntax, use regex101 here.